Why I cannot see all the registered systems under the 'Subscription Management' tab in Customer Portal ?

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  • Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM)
  • Red Hat enterprise Linux 5.7 onwards (RHEL)


  • System does not appear in Red Hat subscription managenment after registering it.
  • Why am I unable to view recently registered system in 'units' section of 'Subscription Management' in Red Hat subscription managenment.
  • How to provide Organization Admnistrator rights?
  • 'Permission Required' error is prompted while checking subscriptions in 'Customer portal'


  • User needs to be 'Organization Administrator' or have proper rights to be able to view all registered systems.
  • Get in touch with the Organization Administrator to get 'Organization Administrator' permissions.
  • The Organization Administrator needs to follow the procedure below:-

    1. Log on to customer Portal (access.redhat.com)
    2. Under 'Account Maintenance' click on the 'User Management'
    3. Check the desired user ID 'xyz and hit 'edit'
    4. On the next page click on 'Access Permission' tab, check the box 'Organization Admnistrator' and save.

Root Cause

  • User does not have permission to view registered systems.

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