Corefile for adding additional nameserver to CoreDNS configuration file in OCP 4

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform(OCP) v4.1
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform(OCP) v4.2
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform(OCP) v4.3
  • CoreDNS


  • How to add additional upstream nameserver for a specific domain to CoreDNS in OCP 4?
  • Configure two different upstream nameservers, One used to resolve default requests/domains, and the other one for a specific domain.
  • Can I modify CoreFile directly to add the nameserver?


  • Is it NOT recommended or supported to add additional upstream nameserver by directly modifying the Corefile.

  • This feature is available only from OCP v4.3 with the help of DNS Operator API:

# oc patch dns.operator/default --type=merge --patch='{"spec":{"servers":[{"name":"test","zones":["example.local",""],"forwardPlugin":{"upstreams":["<DNS_server_ip>"]}}]}}'


# oc edit dns.operator/default 
  - forwardPlugin:
      - "<DNS1_server_IP>"
      - "<DNS2_server_IP>"
    name: test
    - example.local
  • Verify the changes:
# oc get configmaps/dns-default -n openshift-dns -o yaml

Root Cause

  • API is forwarding to the upstream nameserver by domain. This API definition shows the API functionality of this feature.
  • As of now forward plugin is supported in OCP v4.

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