How to display a custom error page when browsing non-existing page in JBoss Portal

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  • JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform (EPP)
    • 5.x
  • JBoss Portal Platform (JPP)
    • 6.x


  • I would like to display a custom "NotFoundError" error page when user browses a non-existing portal page. How can I configure the custom 404 page for EPP?


1. for the non-existing context http://localhost:8080/foobar, please refer to the kcs article: How do I configure a custom error page in JBoss ?

2. for the non-existing page just below the /portal http://localhost:8080/portal/foobar, configure the error-page in $JBOSS_HOME/server/$PROFILE/deploy/gatein.ear/02portal.war/WEB-INF/web.xml:


and place your custom error page error.jsp under $JBOSS_HOME/server/$PROFILE/deploy/gatein.ear/02portal.war.

3. for the non-existing http://localhost:8080/portal/private/foobar or http://localhost:8080/portal/public/foobar, customize the page gatein.ear/02portal.war/portal-unavailable.jsp. Please note that, there's no way to configure a different error page name because this is hard coded in the java source code.

4. for the non-existing http://localhost:8080/portal/private/available-portal/not-available-page or http://localhost:8080/portal/public/available-portal/not-available-page, it will go to the default page of the portal. This is handled by EPP 5. There's no way can change it.

Note that a feature request has been raised to get this functionality changed in an upcoming release:

Until this feature has been implemented, users of JPP 6 could extend the default PortalRequestHandler as shown in this project:

5. for the non-existing page in the portlet application, use the error-page tag in the corresponding portlet application's web.xml or the mechanisms mentioned in the Portlet Bridge guide:

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