What are the public APIs available in JBoss Portal 6?

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  • JBoss Portal Platform (JPP)
    • 6.x


  • Understanding public API/Service API's, What's available, what's we can use?
    Example: we've discussed implementing organization service; what other API's are out there that enable us to create components that leverage the Portal functionality?


In JPP 6.0, the following APIs are public:

  • Organization API 1 - package exo.platform.services.organization
  • LocalPolicy API 2 - package exo.platform.services.resources
  • REST API 3

In addition, a public Portal API is going to be added to access Portal and Navigation objects in JPP 6.1. The community documentation 4 already contains information about this API.

Root Cause

Only those APIs in Portal which are documented are considered public. Using other/private APIs is not recommended, as there is no guarantee that they remain stable in future releases.

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