Fuse EAP 6.4 example using camel-hl7 and netty4 with Java DSL.

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  • Red Hat Fuse
    • 6.3.0


Do you have a camel-hl7 example project for a java ee web application deployed to Fuse EAP? Ideally, we'd like to use Java DSL.


  • There are several testcases available at upstream apache-camel code.

  • For this particular use-case following modifications were done which resolved the issues.

  • Problem is with:
public class BchDecoder extends HL7MLLPNettyEncoderFactory 

Modify it to

public class BchDecoder extends HL7MLLPNettyDecoderFactory 
  • Handler annotation was required in process method of RespondACK
public class RespondACK {

    public Message process(Message in) throws Exception {
        Message out =  in.generateACK();
        return out;

  • RespondACK class than can be invoked following way. Method process is added as @Handler annotation thus will be invoked.

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