IPsec stopped working after upgrade to OCP 3.11

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  • Red Hat Openshift (OCP) 3.10,3.11


  • After upgrading to OCP 3.11 the IPsec stopped working.


  • There are a couple of ways to address this :

a) According to documentation You can then use the edits field to modify any node configuration variables by specifying key-value pairs. please note below an example:

    openshift_node_groups: ... 'edits': [{ 'key': 'networkConfig.mtu', 'value': 1388}]}, ...  

b) Also it might be addressed modifying MTU value in /etc/origin/node/node-config.yaml, and it should looks like this:

    apiVersion: v1
      mtu: 1388
      networkPluginName: redhat/openshift-ovs-networkpolicy  

Root Cause

  • Unless you have the right settings on the inventory file, during the upgrade the MTU will change to the default.

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