How can I upload a ISO image to my ISO storage domain without using ISO uploader?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 2.x and 3.x
  • Red Hat Virtualization 4.0 (may be referrered to as RHEV/RHEV-M for the rest of this documentation)


  • How can I upload a ISO image to my ISO storage domain without using ISO uploader?


Since ovirt-image-uploader, aka engine-iso-uploader has been deprecated and removed from RHV 4.4, the recommended way to do this is manually.
Documentation has been updated:
AdminGuide: Uploading images to an ISO domain.

For environments prior to RHV 4.4:
- In addition to using the ISO uploader utility installed together with RHEV-M, it is possible to manually copy a ISO image to the ISO storage domain in order to make it available from within RHEV-M.

1. SSH as root into one of the RHEV-H belonging to the Data Center where your ISO storage domain resides.

# ssh root@rhevh
root@rhevh's Password:

2. Enable the 'vdsm' account. This is disabled by default:

 # chsh -s /bin/bash vdsm
Changing shell for vdsm.
Shell changed.

3. Switch to vdsm user. This is important as root does not have enough permissions see the full tree listing.

# su - vdsm

4. Get a directory tree of /rhev/data-center

-bash-3.2$ tree /rhev/data-center
|-- 80dfacc7-52dd-4d75-ab82-4f9b8423dc8b
|   |-- 76d1ecba-b61d-45a4-8eb5-89ab710a6275 -> /rhev/data-center/mnt/
|   |-- b835cd1c-111c-468d-ba70-fec5346af227 -> /rhev/data-center/mnt/
|   |-- mastersd -> 76d1ecba-b61d-45a4-8eb5-89ab710a6275
|   |-- tasks -> mastersd/master/tasks
|   `-- vms -> mastersd/master/vms
|-- hsm-tasks
`-- mnt
    |   |-- b835cd1c-111c-468d-ba70-fec5346af227
    |   |   |-- dom_md
    |   |   |   |-- ids
    |   |   |   |-- inbox
    |   |   |   |-- leases
    |   |   |   |-- metadata
    |   |   |   `-- outbox
    |   |   `-- images
    |   |       `-- 11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111
    |   `-- lost+found [error opening dir]

(output trimmed)

5. Now (still as user vdsm) scp the ISO from the source location into the full path of '11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111':

-bash-3.2$ scp root@isosource:/isos/RHEL4.8-i386-AS-DVD.iso /rhev/data-center/mnt/

6. File permissions for the newly scp'ed ISO image should be 36:36 (vdsm:kvm). If they are not, change user and group ownership of the iso file to 36:36 (vdsm's user and group):

-bash-3.2$ cd /rhev/data-center/mnt/
-bash-3.2$ chown 36.36 RHEL4.8-i386-AS-DVD.iso

7. Reset the shell for vdsm

 # chsh -s /sbin/nologin vdsm

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how to install chsh? i do not find chsh

The chsh program is part of the util-linux package in RHEL 7.  If you know a program name, you can use yum to discover which RPM package provides it by running:

# yum whatprovides '*bin/chsh'
util-linux-2.23.2-61.el7.x86_64 : A collection of basic system utilities
Repo        : @anaconda/7.7
Matched from:
Filename    : /usr/bin/chsh