How to provide a custom location other than /var/tmp while upgrading MongoDB Storage Engine to WiredTiger?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.5



  • You can make the following edits to change the path from /var/tmp to desired while upgrading the MongoDB storage engine to WiredTiger:
# vi /usr/share/katello-installer-base/hooks/pre/31-mongo_storage_engine.rb
export_dir = '/var/tmp/mongodb_engine_upgrade'         <<======= Change /var/tmp/mongodb_engine_upgrade to your desired path.
  mongodb_backup = '/var/tmp/mongodb_backup'         <<======= Change /var/tmp/mongodb_engine_upgrade to your desired path.
# vi /usr/share/katello-installer-base/hooks/pre_validations/30-mongo_storage_engine.rb
total_space = `df -k --output=avail /var/tmp`.split("\n").last.to_i       <<==== Change this part(/var/tmp) of the line to desired path.
# satellite-installer --upgrade-mongo-storage-engine

Red Hat Bugzilla 1769159 has been created to request this as a user option during the invocation of # satellite-installer --upgrade-mongo-storage-engine. To record your request for this feature please create a case and reference this article.

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There is a second line in /usr/share/katello-installer-base/hooks/pre/31-mongo_storage_engine.rb that needs edit if your /var/tmp is small:

export_dir = '/var/tmp/mongodb_engine_upgrade'

mongodb_backup = '/var/tmp/mongodb_backup' <<== need to edit this one too

Good point, thanks for spotting it. I am updating the KCS accordingly.