Does priorityBackup will override he auto-rebalance setting?

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  • Fuse Message Broker 5.5.X


Does priorityBackup will override he auto-rebalance setting?

I’d like to set up my brokers so that they always try to connect to the first broker in the failover list using the following settings:

failover:(my brokers)randomize=false&priorityBackup=true


With "rebalanceClusterClients=true" on the transport connector, connected clients will be asked to rebalance across a cluster of brokers when a new broker joins the network of brokers. However, when priorityBackup=true is specified on the consumer side, it will override this request.

Consider the following connection string:


In this example, the client will try to connect to the local broker. If the local broker fails, the client will move to the remote broker, however, as priorityBackup is enabled, it will constantly try to reconnect to the local broker. Once it can, the client will reconnect to the local broker automatically.

By default, only the first url in the list is considered prioritized, local. You my have multiple priority url's by configuring the the priorityURIs parameter:


In this case the client will prioritize either local1 or local2 brokers and (re)connect to them if they are available.

Note there is an existing bug ENTMQ-268 in this area of the code. The bug has been fixed in released as of the Fuse Enterprise 7.1 Rollup Patch 1 version.

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