HTTP status 500 Internal Server Error for Prometheus endpoints

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  • OpenShift Container Platform
    • 4.1.0
    • 4.1.4
    • 4.1.7


  • Prometheus is throwing a "server returned HTTP status 500 Internal Server Error".
  • This is happening on one or more nodes when attempting to access monitoring targets or endpoints that should normally be accessible.
  • Looking at journalctl on one of the failing nodes, we can see errors related to metrics collection:
10 error(s) occurred:
* collected metric kubelet_container_log_filesystem_used_bytes label:<name:"container" value:"dns" > label:<name:"namespace" value:"openshift-dns" > label:<name:"pod" value:"dns-default-dpvdr" > gauge:<value:12288 >  was collected before with the same name and label values
* collected metric kubelet_container_log_filesystem_used_bytes label:<name:"container" value:"machine-config-daemon" > label:<name:"namespace" value:"openshift-machine-config-operator" > label:<name:"pod" value:"machine-config-daemon-7clnj" > gauge:<value:12288 >  was collected before with the same name and label values


  • Upgrade to OpenShift Container Platform 4.1.2 or higher, where this is marked as fixed, before attempting further troubleshooting. A very similar issue observed in 4.1.4 and 4.1.7 was addressed and fixed in 4.1.9 as well.

Root Cause

  • There is a bug report for 4.1.0 specifically concerning Prometheus endpoints and 500 errors. There are backports as well as upstream reports available in the bug report.

Diagnostic Steps

  1. Deploy OCP 4.1.0 on vmware/bare metal environment with monitoring enabled.
  2. Let the cluster run for a few days.
  3. Load the Prometheus page, and observe the error.

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