Received invalid rebalance confirmation from NodeX in a cluster.

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  • Red Hat JBoss Data Grid (JDG)
    • 6.x
    • 7.x
  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)
    • 6.x
    • 7.x


  • When 6 JDG node are running in parallel, The following WARN message appears. What does this mean? How to run nodes in parallel?
(NodeA-root 2013/07/24-17:08:02)# 2013-07-24 17:08:02.405 [WARN] [OOB-6,shared=tcp] ISPN000071: Caught exception when handling command CacheTopologyControlCommand{cache=CacheX, type=REBALANCE_CONFIRM, sender=NodeB/clustered, joinInfo=null, topologyId=3, currentCH=null, pendingCH=null, throwable=null, viewId=3}: org.infinispan.CacheException: Received invalid rebalance confirmation from NodeB/clustered for cache CacheX, we don't have a rebalance in progress
  • Getting above exception when started two nodes (EAPs) of cluster simultaneously.


  • This message is harmless and can be ignored if there are no other errors.

  • This message can be avoided by not booting multiple instances simultaneously. Try to boot the nodes one by one.

Root Cause

This message could appear when cluster members booted simultaneously.

  • A node joined/left, starting rebalance
  • Infinispan constructs REBALANCE_START message, expected replies from current members
  • A new node joined before sending the REBALANCE_START message
  • Send REBALANCE_START message to all members (current members + the new member)
  • The new member receives the REBALANCE_START and reply
  • Infinispan doesn't know about this member and prints the WARN message

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