Build pod stuck Running with status Init:0/2

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  • OpenShift Container Platform 3.9
  • OpenShift Container Platform 3.7
  • OpenShift Container Platform 3.6


  • Build pod is stuck with status Init:0/2, and this is causing deployments to fail. After increasing the log level, we can see something like the following:
Receiving source from STDIN as archive ...
bsdtar: Pathname can't be converted from UTF-8 to current locale.
bsdtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.
  • We have a pod with one init container and two regular containers. The pod went from a running state to a pending state, and then flipped over to Init:0/2.


  • Enure that the locale for the shell matches every locale in the image build.
  • Verify that en_US.utf8 is among the available locale on the machine:
locale -a | grep en_US.utf8
  • Remove the files from repository that contain non UTF-8 file names. When present, differences in locale will cause the compatibility errors that we see above.
  • This older KCS mentions that if you are not running the latest sub version of OCP 3.6 and 3.7, this issue will occur as well.

Root Cause

A locale is a geographic stamp in Linux and Unix systems that denotes time, language, and country for a program or shell session. On Red Hat systems, the global locale for the machine is located at /etc/sysconfig/i18n:


If you have locale conflicts, the build will throw the above error and fail.

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