Hammer fails with Association not found for location in Red Hat Satellite 6.

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.x.
  • Hammer.


  • When trying to execute a Hammer command it fails with:
[root@satellite6 ~]# hammer virt-who-config deploy --id 1 --organization-id 1
Could not deploy the Virt Who configuration:
       Association not found for location


  • Verify if there are any defaults set for Hammer specifically relating to Organizations and Locations:
[root@satellite6 ~]# hammer defaults list
[root@satellite6 ~]# cat /root/.hammer/defaults.yml
  • After making appropriate changes with regards to the default Organization/Location set in /root/.hammer/defaults.yml the Hammer utility works just fine.

  • Red Hat Satellite 6.5 provides a --no-use-defaults switch to by-pass the default settings:

[root@satellite6.5 ~]# hammer --no-use-defaults virt-who-config deploy --id 1 --organization-id 1

Root Cause

  • Hammer has a default Organization(depending on the situation) or Location set which it reads every time while executing a command.

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Why do you assume there is /root/.hammer/defaults.yml . i dont have it.