AMQ229017: Queue jms.queue.xxxxx does not exist

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  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)
    • 7.2.0


  • We migrate from JBoss EAP 7.1.3 to JBoss EAP 7.2.0, FUSE 7.0.0 to 7.3.0 and AMQ from 7.1.0 to 7.2.3. Both server starts and the the deployment works fine. The queues automatically create on the AMQ standalone server. With beginning of sending requests there are WARN-Log-Entries in the server.log of EAP.
2019-06-05 09:45:37.397 | esbt01k3 | WARN  |  | org.apache.camel.component.jms.DefaultJmsMessageListenerContainer | Camel (xxx) thread #122 - JmsConsumer[xxx] | Setup of JMS message listener invoker failed for destination 'xxx' - trying to recover. Cause: AMQ229017: Queue does not exist | org.springframework.jms.listener.DefaultMessageListenerContainer.handleListenerSetupFailure(


  • As per official documentation, the Artemis resource adapter that is integrated in JBoss EAP 7.2 does not support dynamic creation of queues and topics in the Red Hat AMQ 7 broker. You must configure all queue and topic destinations directly on the remote Red Hat AMQ 7 server.

  • Also there is need to disable the auto-delete-queues parameter on every address setting.


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