How to add an user to RHPAM deployed in Openshift?

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  • Red Hat Openshift Container Platform (RH OCP) 3.11
  • Red Hat Decision Manager (RHDM) 7.x
  • Red Hat Process Automation Manager(RHPAM) 7.x


  • How to add a user to RHPAM?
  • User added through the Business Central can't have access to process instance nor process definition.
  • Adding a user with Business Central don't add the user to Kieserver (Process Server).
  • Why the users added to Business Central is not getting persisted across pod restarts?
  • When I add a new user to Business Central, it doesn't have permissions on Kieserver (Process Server).


On Openshift new users won't get persisted if the pod is recreated, even though it's possible to add them through the Business Central or Decision Central interface.

The current, tested and supported recommendation to add users is using Red Hat Single Sing On (RH-SSO), as described in Is there a Red Hat supported SSO solution for Business Central, Kie Server applications and their REST endpoints?

Root Cause

The Red Hat Process Automation Manager (RHPAM) is composed of two applications: the Business Central (business-central.war) and the Process Server (kie-server.war).

When they are deployed in the Red Hat Openshift Container Platform (RH OCP), each application is deployed into a different pod, therefore, business central and Kieserver don't share any configuration file.

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