How to register multiple Content Hosts with same UUID to Red Hat Satellite 6.6 and later?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.6 and later Versions.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


  • How can I register multiple machines which have the same UUID (BIOS/Motherboard ID) to Red Hat Satellite 6?
  • The system properly registered and subscribe to Red Hat Satellite is not visible on the WebUI even after changing the context switch to any organization and any location.
  • Experiencing following error while trying to register Content Hosts with the same UUID to Red Hat Satellite 6:

    HTTP error (500 - Internal Server Error): Multiple profiles found. Consider removing XXX which match this 
  • Getting below error when trying to register a system to Satellite 6:

    bash-4.2# subscription-manager register --org="RedHat" --activationkey="Test" --force
    HTTP error (422 - Unknown): The DMI UUID of this host (EXXXXX-7XX7-XXXX-XXXX-AXXXXXXXX) matches other 


  • A system's UUID is a motherboard product UUID, which is set by the hardware vendor and is encoded into the BIOS and should always be unique.

  • Below steps will helps to add system dmi.system.uuid:

    [root@client ~]# subscription-manager facts|grep dmi.system.uuid
    dmi.system.uuid: 45AA7104-5CB0-4A75-945D-7173C8DC5783
    Administer > Settings > Content(tab) > Host Duplicate DMI UUIDs - Add the UUID in the form of an array
    - Re-register client machine. (Re-registering of both systems may be needed if the profile was unregistered by 
     using the --force option)
    - Verify that UUID in systems is different from the client machine:
    Hosts -> All Hosts -> Client machine -> facts -> dmi -> systems
  • If registering to the Red Hat Customer Portal, navigate to the Systems page and search for your new and old host after reregistering.

  • If the machine has been cloned from the Virtual Machine, then remove the old facts.json file and re-register the system.

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Root Cause

  • The subscription-manager when trying to register a Content Host to Red Hat Satellite or Red Hat Customer Portal looks for dmi.system.uuid parameter that should be unique.
  • Creating a custom fact at /etc/rhsm/facts/ on the Content Host takes precedence over subscription-manager facts located in /var/lib/rhsm/facts/.
  • During cloning, the old subscription-manager ( RHSM ) data gets copied to the newly cloned Virtual Machine.
  • The newly cloned Virtual Machine contains the copy of facts.json file which results in a duplicate UUID error.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check for duplicate resource errors like the one below in /var/log/foreman/production.log
2020-05-10T20:00:49 [E|kat|388f6507] POST: {"id":"ede5aaea-f460-48fb-aa2a-f8d49c7eb373","display_name":""}: {"content_type"=>"application/json", "accept"=>"application/json"}
409 Conflict: {"error": {"code": "PLP0018", "data": {"resource_id": "ede5aaea-f460-48fb-aa2a-f8d49c7eb373"}, "description": "Duplicate resource: ede5aaea-f460-48fb-aa2a-f8d49c7eb373", "sub_errors": []}, "http_request_method": "POST", "exception": null, "error_message": "Duplicate resource: ede5aaea-f460-48fb-aa2a-f8d49c7eb373", "_href": "/pulp/api/v2/consumers/", "http_status": 409, "resource_id": "ede5aaea-f460-48fb-aa2a-f8d49c7eb373", "traceback": null}
  • Provide output of:
# cat /var/lib/rhsm/facts/facts.json

Check for duplicate RHSM facts between 2 hosts in /var/lib/rhsm/facts/facts.json:

{"dmi.system.uuid": "Not Present", "proc_cpuinfo.common.cpuid_level": "13", "virt.host_type": "kvm", "dmi.bios.address": "0xe8000", "lscpu.l1d_cache": "32K", "dmi.chassis.manufacturer": "QEMU", "": "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server", "lscpu.l1i_cache": "32K", "dmi.chassis.security_status": "Unknown", "dmi.memory.error_correction_type": "Multi-bit ECC", "dmi.processor.type": "Central Processor", 
"dmi.memory.array_handle": "0x1000", "dmi.system.sku_number": "Not Specified", "dmi.processor.asset_tag": "Not Specified", "dmi.meta.cpu_socket_count": "8", "dmi.system.wake-up_type": "Power Switch"}

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