How to register multiple Content Hosts with same UUID to Red Hat Satellite 6.5?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.5.


  • How can I register multiple machines which have the same UUID (BIOS/Motherboard ID) to Red Hat Satellite 6.5?
  • Experiencing following error while trying to register Content Hosts with the same UUID to Red Hat Satellite 6.5:
HTTP error (500 - Internal Server Error): Multiple profiles found. Consider removing XXX which match this host.


  • A system's UUID is a motherboard product UUID, which is set by the hardware vendor and is encoded into the BIOS and should always be unique.

  • However, if the hardware manufacturer for some reason has set the same UUID for multiple machines you will have to create a custom fact for every machine in order to register them as separate entities with Red Hat Satellite 6.5:

[root@client ~]# vi /etc/rhsm/facts/uuid.facts 
{"dmi.system.uuid": "customuuid"}

* customuuid = hostname which is unique for every machine.
  • With Red Hat Satellite 6.6 the following works:
[root@client ~]# subscription-manager facts|grep dmi.system.uuid
dmi.system.uuid: 45AA7104-5CB0-4A75-945D-7173C8DC5783

Administer > Settings > Content(tab) > Host Duplicate DMI UUIDs - Add the UUID in the form of an array

- Reregister client machine.

- Verify that UUID in systems is different from the client machine:
Hosts -> All Hosts -> Client machine -> facts -> dmi -> systems

Root Cause

  • subscription-manager when trying to register a Content Host to Red Hat Satellite 6.5 looks for the dmi.system.uuid parameter which should be unique.
  • Creating a custom fact at /etc/rhsm/facts/ on the Content Host takes precedence over subscription-manager facts.

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