Does Red Hat provide the PHPMyAdmin package for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ?

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  • Red Hat Enterperise Linux 5
  • Red Hat Enterperise Linux 6
  • Red Hat Enterperise Linux 7
  • Red Hat Enterperise Linux 8


  • Does Red Hat provide the PHPMyAdmin package for RHEL and if so, where can it be downloaded from?


  • The package PHPMyAdmin would need to be installed directly from the PHPMyAdmin website here or from the EPEL repo here*:

Note that is a third party link and any information contained therein is provided solely by the website maintainer and any instructions should be followed at your own risk, and can not be supported by Red Hat in any way.

  • Remember to enable the optional channel in RHEL to be able to solve dependencies like php-mbstring

Root Cause

  • The package named phpmyadmin does not exist in any channel that RHEL 5, 6 or 7 provides.

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