Why the web store is asking my approval for the subscription I purchased online?

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Red Hat Customer Portal
Red Hat Webstore


  • After purchasing subscription online (Web-order), additional Web-order approval is required.


If additional approval is needed for your weborder purchase, please contact our Customer Service and provide us with the web-store order number (WXXXXXXX)

  • Once Customer Service receives the web-store order number (WXXXXXXX) from you, an approval link will be sent to you asking for your acknowledgement on “Statement of Acceptance” (The approval link is valid for 24-hours)

  • Once Customer Service receives the acknowledgement from the you, the order will be released accordingly

In the meantime, you won't be able to access anything in the Customer Portal until the order is released (unless you already have another active subscription).

If you do not contact our Customer Service within 5 days from placing the order, the Web-order will be automatically cancelled and you would need to make a new purchase.

Root Cause

Order not released after purchasing online subscription (Web-order)

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