Can I remove queue consumers using the broker's JMX interface?

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  • Fuse Message Broker 5.x
  • Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.x
  • JBoss A-MQ 6.0


Is it possible to unregister certain JMS consumers using the broker's JMX interface?


There is no JMX API to disconnect a queue consumer from the broker. There is an API to create and delete durable topic subscriptions under the Broker MBean operations. This however does not work for queue consumers and it does not work for non-durable topic subscriptions.

However you have the option of closing certain connections in JMX. If you drill into the org.apache.activemq.Connections, you have a few JMX operations on each individual connection. One of them is stop(), which will close the JMS connection and will also remove all of the JMS consumers that share this connection.
If these clients however are still running and use the failover protocol, they will automatically reconnect within a few milliseconds.

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