RHEV: Why my multiple Spice displays disconnect randomly from the client?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) v.2.2
  • Spice display protocol


Connecting to multiple guests via Spice at the same time from a single client.

All the Spice displays disconnect and close itself in a random order.


This issue has been seen by another user but has not been fully resolved.
After moving the client to be a real machine, the disconnects were however dramatically reduced.

In order to continue the investigation and verify it is due to the time out, it is recommended to increase the log level
on the different spice components and provide the logs to Red Hat support for further investigation.

How do I change the log level for Spice?
What are the Spice logs and where are they located?

Root Cause

  1. The client used for running multiple guest was a VM-ware VM, accessed by RDP or VNC protocol. This is not recommended and not supported.
  2. The display network was very congested (in purpose), which probably caused to time-out on the Spice servers on the host.

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