Strange Query Conversion causes error in MetaMatrix

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  • MetaMatrix Enterprise Server 5.5.4
  • MetaMatrix Enterprise Designer 5.5.4


In the attached file you will see at the top the query that was issued against the MM server.  You will then see an error referencing the connector and an output which shows how MM converted the query.  As you will not MM embedded the original query and pushed the "group by" to the outside.  To do this it aliased the inside query as X_1.

The strange thing is that it added after the count(*) another instance of the field "lm.SubmissionStatusCode" which appeared only once in the original field listing of the select.  Furthermore it did not adjust the alias so the query does not know how to acquire "lm.SubmissionStatusCode".  Hence the error.

As an aside, this is a straight pull from an underlieing SQL Server database so I was able to simply switch my connection to that machine and the same query performs correctly directly against SQL Server.


A bug has been logged for this issue, the suggested workaround is to Alias the lm.SubmissionStatusCode column in the SELECT statement.

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