Error mismatched input in JBoss Data Grid CLI when trying to run site command with a hyphen in site's name

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  • Red Hat JBoss Data Grid (JDG)
    • 7.1.x
    • 7.2.x
    • 7.3.0


  • An error message mismatched input is returned when trying to run site --status $(sitename) in JDG CLI
  • site command returning an error


The site command performs administration tasks related to cross-datacenter replication. As a workaround choose a site name without a hyphen.

Root Cause

The error occurs because the site name has a hyphen character on it. This issue is tracked in following jira (JDG-2494). The fix will be released in a future version.

Diagnostic Steps

Using the JDG CLI navigate to the cache level and try to get the site status:

   [standalone@localhost:9990 /] container clustered
   [standalone@localhost:9990 cache-container=clustered] cache default
   [standalone@localhost:9990 distributed-cache=default] site --status site-01
   line 1:14 mismatched input 'site' expecting set null
   line 1:20 mismatched input '1' expecting set null
  • Component
  • cli

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