OSGi feature jpa-hibernate does not install correctly.

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  • Fuse ESB 4.4.1


Using apache-servicemix-4.4.1-fuse-07-11 or 4.4.1-fuse-08-15 the jpa-hibernate feature does not install fully.
All bundles get downloaded to the OSGi container but the fragment bundle "JBoss Hibernate Entity Manager" does not register with its host bundle "JBoss Hibernate Object-Relational Mapper".

[ 246] [Active     ] [            ] [       ] [   60] JBoss Hibernate Common Annotations (3.3.0.ga)
[ 247] [Resolved   ] [            ] [       ] [   60] JBoss Hibernate Annotations (3.4.0.GA)
                                       Hosts: 249
[ 248] [Installed  ] [            ] [       ] [   60] JBoss Hibernate Entity Manager (3.4.0.GA)
[ 249] [Active     ] [            ] [       ] [   60] JBoss Hibernate Object-Relational Mapper (3.3.2.GA)
                                       Fragments: 247

Bundle 248 does not change to Resolved state and does not list Hosts: 249 as the host bundle. Likewise bundle 249 only lists bundle 247 as a fragment and does not include bundle 248.
This only happens when using equinox as the OSGi container runtime, i.e. setting etc/config.properties to



A possible workaround to bug ESB-1764 is to switch to the default Felix OSGi runtime by changing etc/config.properties to


Root Cause

The problem is a bug in Equinox and captured in ESB-1764.

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ESB-1764 is fixed by installing
into $SERVICEMIX_HOME/system/org/apache/servicemix/apache-servicemix/4.4.1-fuse-07-11.

Restart with a fresh ServiceMix installation thereafter.

jap-hibernate doesn't start in Jboss Fuse 6.1.0 redhat 092.