How can I install a better grammar checker?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6


  • LibreOffice Writer, grammar checks are not as desired. Installed a plugin to check grammar but now what plugin or how I installed it. Here is an example of how the default grammar check functions:

  • It does catch:

    I are here.
    I is here.
    He are here.
    This is you're book.
    I am am here.
  • It does not catch:
    He and I am here.
    Her saw she.
    Give it to she.
    I said that that that I am good.
    Commas do not end sentences, Periods do.
  • How can I install a better grammar checker?


  • "How can I tell what extensions to LibreOffice I have already installed?":
    To check this, launch LibreOffice from the command line and when the interface appears and then select the path of "Tools" --> "Extension Manager" from the toolbar to view which current extensions are installed.

  • Taking a look at this view shows a link to "Get more extensions online..." at the bottom of the window. Selecting this should launch Firefox to open the site, in which new extensions can be acquired. Specifically you may want to take a look at the LibreOffice Extension Center.

  • There looks to be some alternative tools for grammar here. Here is an example below:LibreOffice LanguageTool

  • We don't support the extensions directly so you may want to try a few to see what will meet your needs.For further listing and recommendation on some of some extensions that may help. Please take a look at: Five LibreOffice extensions to help you catch grammar problems

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