Why Normal Users Can Not Create Automation Controller Objects?

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  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
  • RBAC


  • In Ansible Automation Controller, normal users can not create Controller objects like Templates /Credentials/Projects/Inventories/Inventory Scripts.


  • Normal Users have read and write access limited to the objects such as inventory, projects, and job templates for which that user has been granted the appropriate roles and privileges.

  • By default, Normal users cannot create Controller objects except Job templates and credentials. For a Normal user to create objects, you need to grant the admin role to the user for creating objects at the Tower Organization level.

  • These roles can be limited to a certain objects like project admin, notification admin etc. if you grant these roles to the user, the user will be able to manage these objects for the whole Organization.

  • For more details about these roles and assigning them to user's, you can refer to the Organization documentation of Tower.

    Tower Organization
    Automation controller users Users
    Automation Controller Role Based Access Control

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