Why does recvfrom() call return EAGAIN error?

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux, all versions


  • The recvfrom() call returns EAGAIN error


This is normal and expected, in the worst case this may indicate an issue with your application.

Root Cause

When recvfrom is used on a non-blocking socket, it returns EAGAIN error if there are no pending data to be read.

As mentioned in man 3 recvfrom:

       The recvfrom() function shall fail if:
              The socket's file descriptor is marked O_NONBLOCK and no data is
              waiting  to  be  received;  or MSG_OOB is set and no out-of-band
              data is available and either the  socket's  file  descriptor  is
              marked  O_NONBLOCK  or  the  socket does not support blocking to
              await out-of-band data.

In case an application has opened non-blocking socket and there are no data on that socket to be read, the recvfrom() call will return EAGAIN error, as described.

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