Improved handling of failure of a disk, RAID-array or RAID-controller in Red Hat Storage

Updated 2013-09-16T10:04:49+00:00


Currently, failure of disk, RAID array or RAID controller does lead to writes to the XFS filesystem failing. Currently this occurs then:

  • I/O errors on the client
  • the brick with failed disks stays online in gluster volume status while in fact it is no longer is available
  • the node does NOT fence itself or do anything else to recover as the gluster layer is unaware of the failed XFS filesystem

The brick with failed disks should drop out of the Red Hat Storage infrastructure.

This will improve reliability of the Red Hat Storage environment. Red Hat Storage should be notified when I/O errors to the XFS filesystem of the bricks occur.


  • Red Hat Storage Server 2.0

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