Removing unwanted/stale packages from Red Hat Satellite's package list.

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.2.x


  • A custom package which was removed from its corresponding repository is still listed through the hammer package search command although it does not show up on Satellite GUI:
[root@satellite ~]# hammer package list --search <custom-package>
ID       | FILENAME                                                                 | SOURCE RPM                                  
34783 | <custom-package-name>.arch.rpm              | <custom-package-name>.src.rpm


Please take a snapshot/backup of the Satellite server before performing any of the steps mentioned below:

  • Start by removing the stale entry of the custom package from the Foreman DB. Following command will list all repositories this custom package is a part of(notice the repo_id):
[root@satellite ~]# su - postgres -c "echo \" select as repo_name, as repo_id, as rpm_package_id  from katello_repositories repo 
join katello_repository_rpms rr on rr.repository_id = 
join katello_rpms rpm on = rr.rpm_id 
where rpm.nvra like '<package-name>%'  \" | psql foreman"
  • Verify if there are the same number of references(number of records) for the custom package to the repositories associated:
[root@satellite ~]# su - postgres -c "echo \" select * from katello_repository_rpms where rpm_id = <rpm-id>  \" | psql foreman"

Note: Replace the <rpm-id> as per the output of hammer package list --search <package-name> command.

  • Remove the package's association with the repositories:
[root@satellite ~]# su - postgres -c "echo \" delete from katello_repository_rpms where rpm_id = <rpm-id>  \" | psql foreman"
  • After the package-repository association is removed, delete the RPM record:
[root@satellite ~]# su - postgres -c "echo \" delete from katello_rpms where id = <rpm-id>  \" | psql foreman"

Root Cause

  • The package-repository association has stale entries in the Foreman DB.

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