Pod "hawkular-metrics-schema" started by the JOB hawkular-metrics-schema fails with ImagePullBackOff error.

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  • The pod hawkular-metrics-schema-xxxx started by the JOB hawkular-metrics-schema fails with ImagePullBackOff error.
# oc get jobs -n openshift-infra
NAME                      DESIRED   SUCCESSFUL   AGE
hawkular-metrics-schema   1         0            4h

# oc get pods -o wide -n openshift-infra
NAME                            READY     STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE       IP             NODE                NOMINATED NODE
hawkular-cassandra-1-xxxx      1/1       Running            0          4h        10.xx.xx.xx   node.example.com   <none>
hawkular-metrics-xxxx          0/1       Running            44         4h        10.xx.xx.xx   node.example.com   <none>
hawkular-metrics-schema-xxxx   0/1       ImagePullBackOff   0          3h        10.xx.xx.xx   node.example.com   <none>
heapster-xxxx                  0/1       Running            29         4h        10.xx.xx.xx   node.example.com   <none>

# oc logs hawkular-metrics-schema-xxxx -n openshift-infra
Error from server (BadRequest): container "hawkular-metrics-schema" in pod "hawkular-metrics-schema-xxxx" is waiting to start: trying and failing to pull image

# oc get events
1h          3h           437       hawkular-metrics-schema-xxxx.157ca79ea85cc47a   Pod       spec.containers{hawkular-metrics-schema}   Warning   Failed      kubelet, node.example.com   Error: ImagePullBackOff
4m        3h        827       hawkular-metrics-schema-xxxx.157ca79ea85c3569   Pod       spec.containers{hawkular-metrics-schema}   Normal    BackOff     kubelet, node.example.com   Back-off pulling image "registry.redhat.io/openshift3/metrics-schema-installer:v3.11.51"


  • OpenShift Container Platform 3.11

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