How to see the status of evacuation in instance-HA feature

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  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8


  • I deployed instance-HA feature in my RHOSP environment
  • The evacuation is invoked for compute node failure, but how can I check its status?


  • Evacuation status is stored as cluster node attributes in Pacemaker , which can be checked by attrd_updater command.
    • If the value equals "no", it means that there are no evacuation running about the node
    • If the value equals "yes", it means that the node is in failure, and evacuation of the instances running on the node is to be invoked
    • If the value looks like "hostname-timestamp", it means that evacuation has been invoked, and nova-evacuate resource is waiting the completion of the evacuation.
# attrd_updater --query --all --name=evacuate
name="evacuate" host="overcloud-compute-0.localdomain" value="no"
name="evacuate" host="overcloud-compute-1.localdomain" value="no"
name="evacuate" host="overcloud-compute-2.localdomain" value="no"
name="evacuate" host="overcloud-compute-3.localdomain" value="no"
name="evacuate" host="overcloud-compute-4.localdomain" value="no"
name="evacuate" host="overcloud-compute-5.localdomain" value="no"
  • The status can be updated, by using attrd_updater like the following example.
# attrd_updater -p -n evacuate -N overcloud-compute-0.localdomain -U no

Root Cause

fence_nova, which is used for the evacuation process, stores its workflow statuses as private cluster node attributes managed by Pacemaker

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