openssh vulnerability CVE-2018-15473

Solution Verified - Updated -


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7
  • openssh


  • Please let us know when there's a fix for openssh CVE-2018-15473 available for RHEL 7.
  • Our security policy requires CVE-2018-15473 fixed.


Update to openssh-7.4p1-21.el7 shipped with Advisory RHSA-2019:2143 or newer.

Root Cause

For details about this vulnerability please consult Red Hat CVE-2018-15473 description.

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"7.6.Z Stream Errata is planned to be released" is not a timescale. Please provide an actual date.

I'm also looking for this fix for RedHat 7 for security. When will the V7 fix be released?