Troubleshooting OpenShift Container Platform 4.x: Image Registry Operator

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
    • 4.x


  • How do I troubleshoot issues with the image registry in Openshift 4

Diagnostic Steps

  • The registry operator reports status in two places:
    • ClusterOperator resource is defined in the cluster scope which reflects the state of the registry operator at a high level.
    • image-registry resource itself also has a status section with detailed conditions indicating the state of the managed registry:
  • Health Checking

Openshift 4.0-4.3

# oc get -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry
# oc get  -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry

Openshift 4.4-4.x

# oc get -o yaml  -n openshift-image-registry
# oc get -o yaml
  • If one cannot access your registry, check for a registry deployment and corresponding pod in the openshift-image-registry namespace:
# oc get deployment image-registry -n openshift-image-registry
# oc get pods -n openshift-image-registry | grep image-registry | grep -v operator
  • If there is no registry pod, check the deployment for any error conditions:
# oc get deployment image-registry -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry
  • If there is no registry deployment, check the image-registry resource instance for any error conditions:

Openshift 4.0-4.3

# oc get -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry

Openshift 4.4-4.x

# oc get -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry
  • If there is no image-registry resource at all, check if the image-registry operator deployment exists:
# oc get deployment/cluster-image-registry-operator -n openshift-image-registry
  • If the operator deployment exists, check for the corresponding pod and, if it exists, check its logs:
# POD=$(oc get pods  -n openshift-image-registry | awk '/cluster-image-registry-operator/ {print $1}')
# oc logs ${POD} -n openshift-image-registry
  • If the operator pod does not exist, inspect the deployment to determine why the operator pod was not created:
# oc get deployment cluster-image-registry-operator -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry
  • If the deployment does not exist, then something is wrong at the installer/CVO level that it did not deploy the image-registry operator.

Health Checking

  • A basic health check to verify that the internal registry is running and responding to its service address is to "ping" its /healthz path. Under normal circumstances this should return a HTTP 200 response. This is to be run on a master/node in the cluster.
# RegistryAddr=$(oc get svc image-registry -n openshift-image-registry -o 'jsonpath={.spec.clusterIP}:{.spec.ports[0].port}')

# curl -vk $RegistryAddr/healthz
# curl -vk https://$RegistryAddr/healthz
  • The registry pod IP should be checked as well if the service fails.
# oc get pods -n openshift-image-registry -l docker-registry=default -o wide 
# curl -vk https://$POD_IP:5000/healthz

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I am in ocp 4.4.9, the first and 2nd command fails

oc get -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry Error from server (NotFound): "cluster-image-registry-operator" not found

oc get -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry

and my registry co is degraded


In OCP 4.4 the operator updated and commands changed (I will update the KCS)

oc get -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry
oc get -o yaml -n openshift-image-registry