SPICE installation fails - how can I verify the spice package is correct

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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager - any version
SPICE.cab - any version


Sometimes, especially on deployments where http server modifications are done manually, installation of spice package fails.
The package installation can be verified by manual installation.


Please verify that the installation of package fails even manually before filing a bug.

To perform manual installation you need to do the following:

Download spice cabinet file of one of following addresses:

For 64-bit version:

For 32-bit version:

Install the file manually.

Please note that rhevm.example.com needs to be replaced by the actualy host name or IP
address of your RHEV-M instance.

Root Cause

Manual configuration of HTTP doesn't allow correct aliasing of address dedicated
for SPICE downloading and installation.

Diagnostic Steps

While installing SPICE from RHEV-M interface the installation fails
with error message shown to user. The message states that application
certificate is invalid.

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