How do I monitor JBoss Web Server in JBoss ON configuration?

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  • Red Hat JBoss Operation Networks (JON)
    • 3.3.x
  • Web Server (WS) management plug-in is installed for JBoss ON server
  • Tomcat Server resource has been imported into inventory
  • JBoss On agent has Web Server (WS) management plug-in installed
  • All Tomcat connectors resources are reported as down or unavailable


  • What is the correct way to enable remote JMX in JBoss Web Server (Tomcat)?
  • What is the correct Manager URL in JBoss ON connection setting?


  1. Edit {$CATALINA_HOME}/bin/, append below parameters to enable JMX for Tomcat (no authentication):


    In the above example, a random port 8008 is selected. It is important to choose an available port. For a secure environment, it is suggested to use authentication based remote JMX monitoring. See here.

  2. On a firewall enabled environment, open the JMX port number:

        # firewall-cmd --add-port=8008/tcp --permanent
        # firewall-cmd --reload
  3. Restart Tomcat service:

        # systemctl restart tomcat5-service
  4. Verify the port is opened:

        # telnet <Tomcat_Server_IP> 8008
  5. On the JBoss ON Console, edit Tomcat Manager URL in below format:


    In the above example, specify the server IP address and port 8008.

  6. Wait for a while and see the Tomcat server availability status becomes connected.

Diagnostic Steps

  • If JBoss Web Server fails to start after changing the parameter, check the server log at {$CATALINA_HOME}/logs/catalina.out and journalctl -xe to determine the error and correct.
  • If the JBoss Web Server is still unable to show the correct availability status, check {$AGENT_HOME}/logs/agent.log for more details.

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