[RHOSP13] Additional log details to troubleshoot the failure overcloud stack

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  • Red Hat OpenStack v.13
  • Red Hat OpenStack v.14 specific log refer following KCS 3780751


  • How to collect additional information which requires to troubleshoot the RHOSP13 deployment?


  • Refer Director Deployment Guide to troubleshoot the RHOSP13 deployment.

  • To review overcloud nodes with its associated resources, execute below script which extracts the required details to xxx_xxx_Overcloud_details.tar.gz and uploads the tar file to support case which has opened with Red Hat OpenStack.

    FS=$'\n' ;
    rm -rf ${dir_name}/*
    mkdir -p ${dir_name}
    source /home/stack/stackrc
    stackname=`openstack stack list -c "Stack Name" -f value`
    director() {
    source /home/stack/stackrc
    echo -e "\n\n[stack@`hostname`~]$ $1 "  | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_env.log
    eval "$1" | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_env.log
    stack() {
    echo -e "\n\n[stack@`hostname`~]$ $1 " | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_OC.log
    eval "$1" | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_OC.log
    os-collect() {
        source /home/stack/stackrc
        for i in `openstack server list -c Networks -f value | cut -d \= -f 2`
        host_name=`eval 'ssh -l heat-admin '$i' sudo hostname -f'`
        echo -e "\n\n[heat-admin@'$host_name'~]$ sudo journalctl -u os-collect-config" | tee -a ${dir_name}/$host_name-journal.log
        eval 'ssh -l heat-admin '$i' sudo journalctl -u os-collect-config' | tee -a ${dir_name}/$host_name-journal.log
        echo -e "\n\n[heat-admin@'$host_name'~]$ sudo os-collect-config --debug --print" | tee -a ${dir_name}/$host_name-os-collect-config.log
        eval 'ssh -l heat-admin '$i' sudo os-collect-config --debug --print' | tee -a ${dir_name}/$host_name-os-collect-config.log
        eval 'ssh -l heat-admin '$i' sudo tar -czf - /etc/puppet/' > ${dir_name}/$host_name-puppet.tar.gz
        source /home/stack/stackrc
        echo -e "\n\n[stack@`hostname`~]$ openstack stack environment show $stackname";
        eval 'openstack stack environment show $stackname' | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_oc_env.log
        echo -e "\n\n[stack@`hostname`~]$ openstack stack file list $stackname --fit-width"
        eval 'openstack stack file list $stackname --fit-width' | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_oc_file_list.log
        echo -e "\n\n[stack@`hostname`~]$ openstack stack output list $stackname" | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_oc_output_list.log
        eval 'openstack stack output list $stackname' | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_oc_output_list.log
        openstack stack output list $stackname -c output_key -f value | while read line; do 
            echo -e "\n\n[stack@`hostname`~]$ openstack stack output show $stackname $line --fit-width" | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_oc_output_list.log;
            eval 'openstack stack output show $stackname $line --fit-width' | tee -a ${dir_name}/`hostname`_oc_output_list.log;
    director "openstack stack list"
    director "openstack server list"
    director "openstack hypervisor list"
    director "openstack baremetal node list"
    director "openstack hypervisor list"
    director "openstack flavor list --long"
    director "openstack image list --long"
    director "openstack overcloud profiles list"
    for i in `openstack hypervisor list -c "Hypervisor Hostname" -f value`; do director "openstack hypervisor show $i"; done
    for i in `openstack baremetal node list -c UUID -f value`; 
            director "openstack baremetal introspection status $i"; 
            director "openstack baremetal node show $i"; 
            director "openstack baremetal introspection interface list $i"; 
            director "openstack baremetal introspection data save $i --file /tmp/OSP13/$i.log"; 
            director "openstack baremetal port list --node $i";
            director "openstack baremetal port list --node $i -c UUID -f value | xargs -I {} openstack baremetal port show {}";     
    stack "openstack stack event list --nested-depth 5 $stackname"
    stack "openstack stack failures list $stackname --long"
    stack "openstack stack resource list -n 5 --filter status=CREATE_FAILED $stackname"
    stack "openstack stack resource list -n 5 --filter status=IN_PROGRESS $stackname"
    stack "openstack stack resource list --filter status=CREATE_COMPLETE $stackname"
    stack "openstack stack list --nested --fit-width"
    openstack stack resource list -n 5 --filter status=CREATE_FAILED $stackname -c resource_name -f value | grep [a-zA-Z] | sort --unique | while read line; do
    stack "openstack stack resource show  --fit-width $stackname $line"
    openstack stack resource list -n 5 $stackname | grep -i deployment | awk '{print $4}' |grep -v $stackname | while read line; do
    stack "openstack software deployment show $line"
    stack "openstack software deployment output show --all --long $line"
    stack 'openstack stack hook poll --nested-depth 5 --fit-width $stackname'
    archive_name="`hostname`_`date '+%F_%H%m%S'`_Overcloud_details.tar.gz";
    tar -czf $archive_name ${dir_name};
    echo "Archived all data in archive ${archive_name}";
  • Execute the script:

    $ chmod +x hypervisor.sh
    $ bash hypervisor.sh

Diagnosis Workflows and Executions Error

  • The OpenStack Workflow (mistral) service groups of multiple OpenStack tasks into workflows. It uses a set of these workflows to perform common functions across the CLI and web UI.
  • This includes bare metal node control, validations, plan management, and overcloud deployment.

  • OpenStack Workflow and action execution also provide robust logging of executions, To diagnosis, the workflow and action details, execute the below script and review the details in /tmp/xxx_workflow_xxx.log.

    FS=$'\n' ;
    file=/tmp/`hostname`_workflow_`date '+%F_%H%m%S'`.log
    source /home/stack/stackrc
    stackname=`openstack stack list -c "Stack Name" -f value`
    echofun() {
      echo -e "\n\n$1" | tee -a $file
    echofun "[stack@`hostname`~]$ $1 "
    eval "$1" | tee -a $file
    workflow "openstack workflow execution list --fit-width"
    for i in `openstack workflow execution list | grep "ERROR" | awk '{print $2}'`;
    workflow "openstack workflow execution show --fit-width $i";
    workflow "openstack workflow execution output show $i";
    workflow "openstack action execution list --fit-width"
    for i in `openstack action execution list -c ID -f value`
    workflow "openstack action execution show $i --fit-width"
    workflow "openstack action execution output show $i"
  • Execute the script:

    $ chmod +x mistral_action_troubleshoot.sh
    $ bash mistral_action_troubleshoot.sh
  • If this is for a case which was opened with Red Hat support, attach the resulting tar archive to the case.


  • Generate and provide a sosreport of the node which has impacted.

    sosreport -a --batch --all-logs

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