Connecting to a VM in RHEV shows "Console connection denied. Another user has already accessed the console of this VM."

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.1, 3.2, 3.3


  • When user tries to make a console connection to a virtual machine, the following error message is received:

    Console connection denied. Another user has already accessed the console of this VM. The VM
    should be rebooted to allow another user to access it, or changed by an admin to not enforce
    reboot between users accessing its console.
  • Is it possible for multiple people to access the same Spice console without rebooting the VM?


To work around this issue and ensure that the virtual machine does not need to be rebooted when a different user connects to it, update the RHEV environment to version 3.2 or later and follow these steps:

  1. Locate the VM on the RHEV Admin Portal
  2. Select the VM and click "Edit".
  3. Select the "Console" settings tab.
  4. Click "Show Advanced Options".
  5. Show "Advanced Parameters".
  6. Check the box for "Disable strict user checking".
  7. Click OK.

Please note: In RHEV 3.1 and earlier, disabling the "Strict user checking" functionality was only available for Desktop virtual machines. In RHEV 3.2 and later, this option is available for all VMs.

Additional information: The above procedure is on a VM-by-VM basis. For bulk changes, use the Python SDK for RHEV.

Root Cause

By default, strict user checking is enabled so that only one user can connect to the console of a virtual machine. No other user is able to open a console to the same virtual machine until it has been rebooted. The exception is that a superuser can connect at any time and replace a existing connection. When a superuser has connected, no normal user can connect again until the VM is re-booted.

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We had this issue and I followed the Resolution it worked fine thanks alot

This issue is present in RHEV 3.4 and the proposed solution does not resolve it.

Thank you for reporting this, Trond. Please open a case with Red Hat Support and we'll investigate what changed in 3.4 to cause the workaround to fail.

Be consistent with user ID for user console login. For example, if you login into user portal console with admin and then launch VM with admin, lock VM. Next day, login into user portal console with general user account and then try to launch same VM-- you'll get this message unless you disable the strict user checking above.