How to refresh a Red Hat Satellite 5.8 Manifest with updated subscriptions from the Red Hat Customer Portal ?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 5.8


  • How do I refresh the subscriptions on Red Hat Satellite 5.8 after adding new products to the manifest in the Red Hat Customer Portal?


  • Connected Mode:
    If the Red Hat Satellite server is in connected mode, you can refresh the subscriptions with one command. The parameter --manifest-refresh instructs rhn-satellite-activate to download the manifest, then reactivate it.

    # rhn-satellite-activate --manifest-refresh
  • Disconnected Mode:
    If the Red Hat Satellite server is in disconnected mode, you must first download the manifest file from the Red Hat Customer Portal to your computer, then copy it to the Satellite server, then perform the following command.

    # rhn-satellite-activate --disconnected  --manifest=manifest_path/

Root Cause

  • Every time that a new subscription is attached or the amount of the entitlement is changed in the Subscription Allocation to reflect this change in the Red Hat Satellite 5.8 the manifest needs to be refreshed or imported again.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Change the entitlements in the Customer Portal, and it is not reflecting in the Red Hat Satellite 5.8.

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