Unable to register client with Red Hat Satellite 6 due to Validation failed error Name must not include periods

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6


  • Unable to register system with Red Hat Satellite 6 error:
HTTP error (422 - Unknown): Validation failed: Name must not include periods"


  • Confirm if Organization and Location is properly assigned to the domain.
# hammer organization list    <= to list the organizations
# hammer location list        <= to list the locations 
  • Check for domain association to organization
# hammer -u admin -p changeme organization info --id 'Default Organization' | grep 'Domains' -A 1   <<<< Update the organization name  as seen in # hammer organization list  
  • Check for domain association to location
# hammer -u admin -p changeme location info --name 'Default Location' | grep 'Domains' -A 1     <<<< Update the location name as seen in # hammer location list

Note: In above commands replace "changeme" by appropriate admin password of Red Hat Satellite 6.

  • If the system is provisioned via Red Hat Satellite, check if the system has a valid location and domain associated to it.
    Go to Satellite Web UI -> Hosts -> All Hosts -> Search for "system.example.com" -> Edit -> Verify if system is associated to a location

  • Check for the domain
    Go to Satellite Web UI -> Hosts -> All Hosts -> Search for "system.example.com" -> Edit -> Interfaces Tab -> Edit -> Check for the domain.

  • Compare the outputs for # hostname -f and # hostname. If there is a difference of upper case and lower case in them, correct the /etc/hosts file with the correct entry and verify that output for both commands are in same case.

  • After this register the system again.

  • If it still fails, open a Support Case

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