ModuleNotFoundException: javax.enterprise.deploy.api

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JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 7.x


We upgraded our JBoss EAP from 6.4 to EAP 7 and our deployment is failing with below error, can you tell us the reason?

Caused by: org.jboss.modules.ModuleNotFoundException: javax.enterprise.deploy.api


Your jboss-deployment-structure.xml file has a dependency on this module:

However, this module no longer exists in EAP 7.x - it became optional in JavaEE 7 and was dropped from JBoss EAP.

I would suggest that you remove the dependency and then see if it's actually needed or not. If it is, you will need to either change your code to no longer use it or you can probably include the implementation jar in your application or a custom module.

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