Memory leak issue with JSF and JPP 6.0

Solution Verified - Updated -


  • JBoss Portal Platform (JPP)
    • 6.0.0 GA
    • JSF-1.2/2.0


> **910308 - Memory leak for RequestScoped, SessionScoped, and ViewScoped managed-beans**
> A bug in the Java Server Faces (JSF) implementation can lead to to a memory leak for 
> RequestScoped, SessionScoped and ViewScoped managed-beans. There is no workaround for 
> this issue. 

It affects the performance and overall resource consumption, hence a patch would be good.
Using JSF-1.2 with JPP-6.0, same issue is faced.


  • If using JSF-1.2, upgrade to JSF-2.0 to consume the patch. JPP-6.0 (running on EAP-6.0.1 container) supports JSF-2.0 and hence a one-off patch has been released for that combination.

Download and apply the patch 1 for JPP 6.0.0.

Root Cause

JSF managed beans were not properly cleaned up at session expiration.

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