Where is Red Hat Data Grid Errata ?

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  • Red Hat Data Grid (RHDG)
    • All versions


  • Are RHDG Cumulative Patches included in Red Hat Errata ?
  • Red Hat Data Grid is downloadable from Red Hat customer portal but cannot find any entry about it in Red Hat Product Errata.


  • A RHDG release will be available at Software Download, the related notes are available in Release Notes
    • If there is a security issue the downloads might be listed in the security advisories tab of Red Hat Errata, and there will be an errata entry only.
    • For other product related fixes there will be no errata.
  • For RHDG running on Openshift there is a separate errata which include all releases of images, consider it is possible that not every onPrem RHDG release will trigger a new image release.

Root Cause

  • For RHDG releases, it can be downloaded from JDG Software Downloads and other information can be found in the public release notes.

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