KVM panics at ept handling code

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  • kvm panic and it's log says EPT is mis-configured
  • Step to Reproduce:

1 start guest with two virtual disk
2 build kernel source in guest
3 mv kernel directory to another partition

  • Actual Results: panic

  • Expected Results: Never panic

  • Additional Info:

    EPT: Misconfiguration.
    EPT: GPA: 0x1425a000
    ept_misconfig_inspect_spte: spte 0x125bac007 level 4
    ept_misconfig_inspect_spte: spte 0x125bbd007 level 3
    ept_misconfig_inspect_spte: spte 0x176560f5 level 2
    ept_misconfig_inspect_spte: rsvd_bits = 0x56000
    ------------[ cut here ]------------
    WARNING: at arch/x86/kvm/vmx.c:3320 handle_ept_misconfig+0x220/0x240 [kvm_intel]() (Not tainted)
    Hardware name: Lenovo WQ T168/T468 G6
    Modules linked in: tun(U) fuse(U) ip6table_filter(U) ip6_tables(U) ebtable_nat(U) ebtables(U) ipt_MASQUERADE(U) iptable_nat(U) nf_nat(U) bridge(U) stp(U) llc(U) autofs4(U) sunrpc(U) cpufreq_ondemand(U) acpi_cpufreq(U) freq_table(U) be2iscsi(U) bnx2i(U) cnic(U) uio(U) cxgb3i(U) cxgb3(U) mdio(U) ib_iser(U) rdma_cm(U) ib_cm(U) iw_cm(U) ib_sa(U) ib_mad(U) ib_core(U) ib_addr(U) ipv6(U) iscsi_tcp(U) libiscsi_tcp(U) libiscsi(U) scsi_transport_iscsi(U) ext3(U) jbd(U) dm_mirror(U) dm_region_hash(U) dm_log(U) kvm_intel(U) kvm(U) uinput(U) e1000e(U) iTCO_wdt(U) i2c_i801(U) iTCO_vendor_support(U) sg(U) serio_raw(U) ext4(U) mbcache(U) jbd2(U) sd_mod(U) crc_t10dif(U) mptsas(U) mptscsih(U) mptbase(U) scsi_transport_sas(U) ata_generic(U) pata_acpi(U) ata_piix(U) radeon(U) ttm(U) drm_kms_helper(U) drm(U) i2c_algo_bit(U) i2c_core(U) dm_mod(U) [last unloaded: microcode]
    Pid: 8076, comm: qemu-kvm Not tainted 2.6.32-37.el6.x86_64 #1
    Call Trace:
     [<ffffffff8106a703>] warn_slowpath_common+0x83/0xc0
     [<ffffffff8106a754>] warn_slowpath_null+0x14/0x20
     [<ffffffffa02ce6c0>] handle_ept_misconfig+0x220/0x240 [kvm_intel]
     [<ffffffffa02d167d>] vmx_handle_exit+0xbd/0x240 [kvm_intel]
     [<ffffffffa029a5c7>] kvm_arch_vcpu_ioctl_run+0x3c7/0xd90 [kvm]
     [<ffffffffa02861b2>] kvm_vcpu_ioctl+0x522/0x670 [kvm]
     [<ffffffff8117c8a2>] vfs_ioctl+0x22/0xa0
     [<ffffffff8117cd6a>] do_vfs_ioctl+0x3aa/0x580
     [<ffffffff814d7c76>] ? thread_return+0x4e/0x768
     [<ffffffff810a4e1b>] ? sys_futex+0x7b/0x170
     [<ffffffff8117cfc1>] sys_ioctl+0x81/0xa0
     [<ffffffff81013172>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 Beta2
  • x86-64

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