Systemd hangs on reboot or shutdown when nfs file system mounted even after RHBA-2018:0155

Solution Verified - Updated -


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.4
  • systemd-219-42.el7_4.6


The proposed fix has not resolved the problem despite having the packages in RHBA-2018:0155 Advisory applied.

The following message still repeatedly pops up in the console on shutdown:

[  331.656199] nfs: server x.x.x.x not responding, still trying


Root Cause

Previously, during the shutdown of the systemd service, all remaining mounts were remounted to be read-only. As a consequence, remounting a network file system in some cases became unresponsive as the network was no longer available in that scenario. With this update, network file systems are not remounted, and the system no longer hangs in the described situation.

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