How to set a specific start order for bundles in a Red Hat Fuse instance

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  • Red Hat Fuse
    • 6.x
    • 7.x


  • How to set a specific start order for bundles?
  • How to set the start sequence on Fuse?
  • How to set load sequence on Fuse?


Set the bundle start level in the container shell or set it configuring a Feature.
The default Fuse start level is 80, so just set a start level that is less than 80 to a bundle to start first or set more than 80 to a bundle to start after.

The command will be like this:

> bundle:start-level <bundle-id> <start-level>

For example, Fuse has bundle A and bundle B installed. The ids of the bundles are:

  • A - 180
  • B - 181

To make sure that bundle A start first than bundle B, just run the command:

> bundle:start-level 180 70

Now the start level for both bundles are:

  • A - 70
  • B - 80 (the default start level)

It is also possible to develop a Feature and set the start level in the bundle definition. When deploying the feature, the bundles will start with the start level defined in the feature.

Here is a example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<features name="custom-feature-repo">
  <feature name="my-feature">
     <bundle start-level="70">mvn:group/bundle-A/1.0</bundle>

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