How to change download policy of repositories in Red Hat Satellite 6?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.3 and above


  • How to change download policy of all enabled repositories in Red Hat Satellite 6?
  • How to change repository download policy to immediate in Red Hat Satellite 6?


  • To change default download policy, follow below steps on Red Hat Satellite WebUI.

    Administer > Settings > Content > Select "Default Repository download policy" > set "immediate"
  • Change download policy of already enabled repository through WebUI.

    Content > products > select "Product" > select "repository" > select "Download Policy" > choose the policy
  • Use the following commands to set download policies for all enabled repositories in Red Hat Satellite 6.

    - Changing download policy to 'immediate'.
    # foreman-rake katello:change_download_policy DOWNLOAD_POLICY=immediate
    - Changing download policy to 'on-demand'.
    # foreman-rake katello:change_download_policy DOWNLOAD_POLICY=on_demand

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Tried to update the download policy for all repos to "on demand" but got this error on a lot of repos:

Failed to update repository Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server RPMs x86_64 7.5 (856): Validation failed: Checksum type Checksum type cannot be set for yum repositories with on demand download policy.

How to solve this?

This is tricky: you had to (most probably automatically) set a checksum type to the (katello) repos, which prevents them in changing the policy to On Demand (that newly requires no checksum type, dunno why). I think the below rake script can clean the checksum types:

Katello::RootRepository.yum_type.find_each do |root_repo|
  root_repo.transaction do
      if [::Runcible::Models::YumImporter::DOWNLOAD_ON_DEMAND, ::Runcible::Models::YumImporter::DOWNLOAD_BACKGROUND].include?(root_repo.download_policy) && root_repo.url.present? && URI(root_repo.url).scheme == 'file'
        root_repo.update_attribute(:download_policy, ::Runcible::Models::YumImporter::DOWNLOAD_IMMEDIATE)
        root_repo.repositories.each do |repo|
          importer = repo.importers[0]
          config = {
            :download_policy => ::Runcible::Models::YumImporter::DOWNLOAD_IMMEDIATE

          SmartProxy.pulp_master.pulp_api.resources.repository.update_importer(repo.pulp_id, importer[:id], config) if (importer && importer[:id])

      if !root_repo.on_demand? && root_repo.url.present?
        root_repo.update_attribute(:checksum_type, nil)

        root_repo.repositories.each do |repo|
            repo.update_attribute(:saved_checksum_type, nil)

            if repo.find_distributor[:config]&.delete(:checksum_type)
                repo.pulp_id, repo.find_distributor[:id], repo.find_distributor[:config])
          # rubocop:disable HandleExceptions
          rescue RestClient::ResourceNotFound

Save that as a checksum.rake file, and run: cat checksum.rake | foreman-rake console. THEN re-run the katello:change_download_policy rake script again.

I will ask katello engineering to verify if my script is correct (it quite truly mimics one upgrade script), so please hold on until I confirm it correctness.

Thanks for the help Pavel, I took a snapshot of the Satellite server, and run your script. It seems to work correctly. After your script, I could change the download policy of all the repos to "on_demand". Now, the /var/lib/pulp volume is still full: how can I delete the unneeded RPM files from there? I tried running:

# foreman-rake katello:delete_orphaned_content RAILS_ENV=production
# /etc/cron.weekly/pulp-maintenance

But they did not free any disk space. Thanks!!