Kernel requirements for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 on Dell Precision laptops with Coffee Lake CPU

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5
  • Dell Precision Mobile Workstation (3530, 5530, 7530, and 7730) laptops with Coffee Lake CPUs.


  • What kernel parameters are needed at install time for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 on Coffee Lake based Dell Precision 3530, 5530, 7530, and 7730 Mobile Workstations.
  • After installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5, what kernel version is the minimum version needed for full support.


If this solution is attached to a certification that system was certified without using accelerated graphics drivers during install. The discrete GPU (if equipped) was disabled by passing the "nomodeset" kernel parameter.

It is recommended to install 7.5 on these systems with the "basic graphics" option in the installer, (Which passes the 'nomodeset' parameter to the kernel on boot).
Or you can install using the i915 accelerated video, and disabling the discrete graphics by passing the appropriate kernel parameters on install. e.g. "module_blacklist=nouveau,amdgpu,radeon i915.alpha_support=1"

Once the system is installed, you should upgrade to kernel 3.10.0-862.3.2.el7 (7.5 Batch Update 1 "z-stream"). This kernel requires no kernel parameters for accelerated i915 video,.

Root Cause

The i915 driver in the 7.5 GA kernel does not support Coffee Lake graphics by default.
In some instances the nouveau driver has caused lockups during install.

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What Graphics card was installed? Intel HD GFX or one of the Nvidia (3200, P4200) ?

David: Basic integrated graphics card: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 630 (Mobile) Discrete card: NVIDIA Corporation GP107GLM [Quadro P1000 Mobile]

In my case here is the hardware that I have (Kernel Panic'd every time until I added the kernel parameters).

Provided by dmidecode:

System Information Manufacturer: Dell Inc. Product Name: Precision 5530

lspci -vv output: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics 630 (Mobile) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Subsystem: Dell Device 087d Kernel modules: i915

01:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GP107GLM [Quadro P1000 Mobile] (rev a1) Subsystem: Dell Device 087d Kernel modules: nouveau

Here is what I added to the kernel booting parameters:

module_blacklist=nouveau i915.alpha_support=1

On RHEL 8 it was really simple to add the line:

# grub2-editenv - set "$(grub2-editenv - list | grep kernelopts) module_blacklist=nouveau i915.alpha_support=1"

I915.alpha_support=1 is only required with the 7.5GA kernel. 7.5 zstream, 7.6+, and 8.0+ do not need that parameter.

Blacklisting the nouveau driver is still needed in 8.0 but should not be needed for 8.1 (though you will still not have fully accelerated video because Nvidia has not released the signed power control firmware). Which you need to blacklist anyway if installing the proprietary driver.


I did a full update, and cat /etc/*-release is no showing: Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.1 (Ootpa).

Prior to adding any parameters, I rebooted the system and it let me log in, but then the whole screen glitched out, and the laptop would basically reboot after about 15 - 30 seconds. This started to loop.

After, adding the nouveau driver blacklist again, I have been working on the laptop for the last hour or two without issue.

For the sake of others I have started using this method of updating the boot parameters instead:

# grubby --update-kernel=/boot/vmlinuz-$(uname -r) --args="module_blacklist=nouveau"


Could you open a support case to get to the bottom of the reboot loop? While nouveau + Wayland won't be fast in 8.1, it shouldn't cause reboot loops. Also note this solution is for RHEL 7. The RHEL 8 version is here: Kernel requirements for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 on Dell Precision laptops with Coffee Lake and Whiskey Lake CPUs


In my haste of pasting originally I guess I forgot to mention the full history of my experience with this Dell laptop and using RHEL on it. I had first tried RHEL 7.5, and it did the reboot loop. I thought to myself, upgrading to 8 might have better results with potentially newer support for the hardware in the kernel. I didn't think to look for another solution that was RHEL 8 specific, I will start using that thread that you linked to.

I will open a support case, do I just attach an sos report, and the link and say I'm experiencing the same thing as described?

Thanks for your insight.