Is the "Dual MicroSD (RAID) on internal USB port" device available on some Bull servers or Hitachi Vantara servers supported for use with RHEL?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Bull server such as the Bull BullSequana S S800, S400, or S200
  • Hitachi Vantara server such as the Hitachi Advanced Server 7020, 7040, or 7080


In some configurations of Bull servers or Hitachi Vantara servers I see a "Dual MicroSD (RAID) on internal USB port" device available as an option. Is this device supported for use with RHEL?


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux certified Bull or Hitachi Vantara system this knowledgebase solution is associated with optionally ships with a dual MicroSD RAID device that is intended to be attached to an internal USB port. The device may or may not be visible in the system specifications depending on the OS that was chosen during system configuration. While in theory RHEL could be installed to such a device, Red Hat does not support installation of RHEL to USB drives or SD memory cards. SD cards have limited write cycles and the logging and other write activities found in a RHEL installation would bring an SD card to the end of its expected life very quickly. For these reasons, this device was exempted from testing during this system's certification.

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