Deployments from JBoss BPMS 6.4.0 are always deactivated after upgrading to 6.4.7+

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  • Red Hat JBoss BPMS (BPMS)
    • 6.4.x


When a deployment is done in Jboss BPMS 6.4.0 and then it is upgraded to JBoss BPMS 6.4.7+, once the server is restarted the deployment gets deactivated. It should be keep activated.


Adding the following parameter to the deployment descriptor fixes the issue:


Please see a sample in JIRA opened RHBPMS-5156.

Root Cause

It is a known issue with the deployment which is always deactivated after server startup. There is a reported bug in JIRA RHBPMS-5156 pending to be fixed.

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