How to forcefully regenerate metadata of a content view or repository on Red Hat Satellite 6?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.x


  • How to recreate metadata of a Content View or Repository?
  • Unable to update package(s) and the below error is faced: [Errno 14] HTTPS Error 404 - Not Found


  • To forcefully regenerate metadata of a Content View or Repository, the below steps need to be followed on the Red Hat Satellite WebUI:

    • For a Content View:

      • Go to Content -> Content Views -> Select the particular Content View -> Click on Publish New Version -> Check mark the box of Force Yum Metadata Regeneration -> Save.
    • For an existing version of Content View:

      • Go to Content -> Content Views -> Select the particular Content View -> Click on the drop down besidePromote for the concerned version -> Regenerate Repository Metadata
    • For a particular repository:

      • Go to Content -> Products -> Select the Product -> Click on the particular repository -> Select Action -> Republish Repository Metadata.
    • Via hammer:

      # hammer content-view version republish-repositories --content-view-id 4  --version 2.0

      Replace 4 and 2.0 according to your environment.

          # hammer content-view list    ==> this gives the content-view-id for the concerned content view
          # hammer content-view info --id=4    ==> this gives the version of that content view. [ replace 4 by the id from previous command ]

Root Cause

  • The repodata of a Content View or Repository is unavailable or corrupted.

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In case # 02488539, this procedure helped resolve the issue with subsequent versions of a content view showing the same package count for a couple of months.

Is there a permanent fix for metadata corruption issue? We have many capsules and many products. Looking into the metadata corruption issue for all these capsules and products become hectic.

Hello, you suspect many/all repos on Capsule(s) have corrupted metadata? Then I would rather suspect some generic problem that is worth discussing via a support case.

Normally, if this problem is ever hit, it is detected sporadically only and on per repo basis - when it suffices to regenerate metadata for one or very few repos.