How is a system defined as a server or a workstation?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation


  • How is a system defined as a server or a workstation vis-a-vis this process?

  • Is it possible that a registered system is being treated as a server?

  • If so, then is there a way to convert these entitlements to workstation entitlements?


  • The system will be recognized by the RHEL ISO it is installed with.

    • If a system is installed with a RHEL Server disc, then it will consume RHEL Server entitlement during registration

    • If it is installed with RHEL Workstation/Desktop then it will consume RHEL Workstation/Desktop during registration.

  • The release information is also in the /etc/redhat-release file

    • The entitlement is consumed according to its redhat-release.

    • Example: "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (Santiago)"

  • Conversion from one Workstation/Server/Any-version from one to another is not supported:

Diagnostic Steps

  • The current release of the system can be found in the /etc/redhat-release file:

    $ cat /etc/redhat-release 
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.3 (Santiago)

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This is not a very good answer. The part of the questions about converting between server and workstation is not answered. I just installed from rhel7 rc workstation iso, because I assumed that would be match my Enterprise Developer Suite license, but it doesn't, and I would like to convert the installation to a server, which apparently is what I should have started with. How do I do that?


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Is migration from Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server supported?

The press releases say RHEL 7 RC is publically available. Yet the RHN website only provides links to the Server isos. However, the Workstation and Client isos are readily available from the ftp site.

I installed a Workstation iso, and attached a Workstation subscription to it, apparently successfully. But no packages are available. So are the Workstation and Client versions supported to the public yet, or is that coming later?

I think this article could state that systems are defined as Workstation (single-user) or Server (multi-user) depending on the use case, as well as how the system is listed in the Hardware Certification pages (

in RHEL 8 /etc/os-release nor /etc/redhat-release mention that that if it is a server or workstation how do we find it out ?